Our wood prim scarecrow makes a great fall-time addition to your porch, house, garden or walkway.  Combine our optional 16mm wood beads with yarn or string for that extra rustic flare.  This cutout is easy to paint or stain to match your favorite classic film characters, or you can include our optional crow cutouts to come up with your own spooky designs and give your house that extra Halloween spirit.  One thing is for sure, with this wood prim scarecrow cutout, there will be no place like your home!

This wood prim witch measures 18″ tall when finished and is 6.5″ wide at the brim.  The head, hat brim and nose are three separate 1/2″-thick wooden cutouts allowing an easy finish and simple assembly with only wood glue needed.

Prim Scarecrow

Scarecrow face, brim, nose, Scarecrow face, nose, brim, crow, 6-16mm beads


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