Freestanding Fall Sign Kit


You get 4–8×8 squares, four interchangeable shapes, and FLL letters to make a sign 8″ x 32″, plus four wood triangles to glue on the back to help ensure they stand upright.

  • 8×8’s are 1/2″ birch
  • letters and shapes are 1/4″ MDF
  • Letters are FLL
  • shapes are pumpkin, apple, ghost, football
  • We cut and ship these from our shop

Ships in about a week

Include optional stand


The freestanding fall kit comes with the boards as well as four interchangeable shapes and the FLL letters. You get a pumpkin, ghost, apple and football. All of our door hangers come in 6″ sizes so you can order more shapes for your sign.  We offer triangle pieces as an option if you want to use them to be certain that your sign will stay upright on an uneven surface.


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