Shipping and Returns

USA Shipping

We try to keep the processing time during the checkout process up to date. Usually, this is the extreme end of our time to get an order done, packed, and shipped and does not include shipping times.

We ship with FedEx and USPS and both typically arrive 2-3 days shipping after we ship your order. The tracking should have the estimated delivery day within 24 hours of receipt of the email.

We currently only ship to the contiguous 48 states of the USA and some Candian provinces. We can quote actual shipping costs to Hawaii and Alaska.

Canadian Shipping

We currently ship to some Candian provinces. Shipping is $25 plus 25% of the subtotal.

The shipping fee we charge only covers shipping. The recipient is responsible for paying taxes, duties, and fees.

Shipping Notices

Our automated system will email you a tracking number as soon as we process the label for your order. Please check your email spam folder if you have not received it after the timeline mentioned above. If you are unable to locate it, you can check your order status. If it is marked as processing, we have not processed the shipping label for your order yet. If it is marked as shipped, you can locate the tracking information in your order details.


Standard Returns
All products that are not custom or specially made for you may be returned for any reason. All returned products must be returned in the same condition we shipped out (no finish, no paint, no damage, and no smells like perfume and smoke). You are responsible for return shipping if there is nothing wrong with the product(s) or the order was shipped correctly.

We must be notified on or before the 7th day of order delivery for any return. The day the order is delivered does not count.

We do not provide a return label for standard returns.

Orders sent back without an RMA number on the outside will not be accepted.

Orders Received With a Damage Box
We need a picture of the shipping box (if it shows any damage, boot/shoe prints) and a picture of the damaged area (needs to be enough of the product to sell if it is on the front or edge). Once we have these images we will send out a new product and file a claim with the shipping company.

Products with defects
Patches in the wood are not considered a defect. While we buy high-quality plywood, the manufacturer sometimes sends sheets with these patches in it. We do not sort these due to the prices we offer. If you are interested in no patches in birch, the price will be double our listed price. You can contact us to let us know if you are interested in this option.

“Damage” to the backside of a cutout may not be considered damaged. Many products are reversible. Everything we sell is considered paint grade.

If you feel a product is damaged, please contact us with the order number, product, and size so we can quickly look up your order. We will also need pictures. The easiest way to send us this information is to respond to your email order confirmation.

Orders Arrived Incorrectly
If you ordered incorrectly, please refer to our standard returns process above.

If we shipped your order incorrectly, notify us within 7 days of receiving your order. We will work to correct the mistake as quickly as possible. We will not overnight/expedite shipping on replacement items at our cost.

We will need a complete list of missing, incorrect, and/or damaged items. Please make sure you get us the complete list as we will only make one shipment to replace parts. Once we ship replacements, the order will be considered complete.

Pine Products
Rustic boxes may have knots, small splits, and missing areas. These are normal for natural pine. If there are large sections missing (the knots fall out sometimes), send us a photo and we will determine if it qualifies for a replacement part.

Farmhouse signs and kits may have a little roughness on the frames. Missing knots, large splits, and missing sections are not generally sent out unless they can be hidden when hung on the wall. Small splits in the wood are acceptable.

Personalized items, items on sale, and custom-made are non-returnable or refundable.

Orders Marked as Delivered, but “not really delivered”
We must be notified within 7 days of delivery so we can initiate a trace on the package(s).

We suggest checking with family, friends, and neighbors to see if they happen to have the package. We have found this to be the number one reason for a missing package.

If the shipping company claims the package is delivered as addressed, we will consider your order as completed and cannot offer refunds or reship your order. We suggest calling your local police department to file a stolen package report if this is the case.

With our flat rate shipping, many of our packages ship with FedEx. They have several retail store partners that can hold your package safely and securely.

FedEx Onsite