Wood Changes

We will be transitioning all 1/2″ products to the new wood starting 5-5-2022…but with similar new wood that we tested recently.
We will make sure product line items all get the same wood. Orders with multiple line items may receive a mixture (order 2 different sizes of rounds and one may be the new birch and the other might be our old birch).
Our supplier is not able to get enough of our new wood in the grade we purchased previously. They have another grade that uses the same wood for the faces, but the core is different. This core has white and black wood in it compared to the light brown of the other we tested (that was the special run wood).
The faces also have some color, small knots, and putty sections. We will send these with a clear face minimum. We will make sure the front does not have putty sections (very dark “knots” smaller than a pencil eraser and some color will be sent).
The putty used can be stained. It turns out darker in our testing and with knots, it looks pretty good to us (we like the rustic look). We also tested painting and it covered and was not visible to us in our test piece.
This wood will allow us to keep our prices the same as they are now. The Baltic birch we used until recently was purchased months ago when the price was lower (and we could buy it).
The photos below all have putty sections in them. One is unfinished, one is stained and the other is 2 coats of white paint with no primer. All circles had the same colors in the defect area (the painted one is at the top).
Putty Knot unfinished