This gnome is so very versatile. You can paint one of the large size and put a greeting or name on his beard. You can purchase the 18″ one with a nose, or a nose with hands to hold our 6″ shapes.  And of course the larger sizes fit into our pine stand, which is sold separately. The attachments are simply our door hangers in the 6″ size. Each category, for example Easter, Summer etc, has door hangers available in a 6″ size. Or you can go to Wooden Sign Kits and the HOME kit has a drop down listing 6″ shapes, just check the ones your want. Be sure all your 6″ shapes fit into the gnome hands before attaching them to the gnome, or buy extra hands and glue them to the shape and attach the shape/hands to the gnome with velcro.


Dimensions.25 in

18", 12", 6", 18" w nose, 18" w nose and hands, pair of hands, stand


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