Wood Dolly Sitting Bunny

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Dolly Sitting Bunny

Dolly Bunny is 12.5″ tall

She is 1/2″ birch, and comes with 2 stands to keep her stable

Dolly also has an optional stencil for the all over flower design shown in the sample.

The stencil is cut in the shape of the bunny to make placement easy.

Stencil is 7 mil mylar, this is a reusable stencil


Meet Dolly O’Hare, she is our newest bunny cutout and she comes with or without a stencil to put the beautiful flowers on her. She is 12″ tall and has two stands for the back to make her very stable. We are sure you will have a great time with this project.

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Dolly Bunny with 2 triangle stands, Dolly stencil


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