Our new Trove Box with Changeables sign kit is stunning! It is 10″ x 24″ the top slides back to reveal extra changeables in the hidden compartment. It comes unassembled but is easily put together very much like our sliding top boxes. Simply use two 24″ frame pieces, one 10″ piece with a backer board and glue in place. The 8 1/2″ x 3/4″ piece is glued to the back (the side without grooves). Glue this 8 1/2″ piece both against the frame pieces and the backer board, this will hold your sign in place when you change out your shapes, this piece can be a couple of inches from the end, let this dry.  I stained  all of this part  as well as the remaining frame piece. I did it after assembly so the glue had a raw surface to get a good hold. Paint (or stain) both sides of the remaining backer board and after dry, sand the edges and glue this and the remaining frame piece together.  The completed box will hold at least 8 shapes plus one attached to the front with velcro, so you can order up to 3 of the 6″ door hangers for a total of 9.  And if you need additional ones you may also keep 4 more velcroed to the back of the sign.


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