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  • All products are baltic birch, and thickness is listed.

These are overstock products available in limited quantities.

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round bunny

flop ear bunny

sitting bunny

baby rabbits

bunny face

egg with legs

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3"x1/2" round bunny, 4"x1/2" round bunny, 5"x1/2" round bunny, 6"x1/2" round bunny, 8"x1/2" round bunny, 8"x3/4" round bunny, 10"x3/4" round bunny, 12"x3/4" round bunny, 14"x3/4" round bunny, 4×1/2 flop ear bunny, 5"x1/2" flop ear bunny, 6"x1/2" flop ear bunny, 8"x1/2" flop ear bunny, 8"x3/4" flop ear bunny, 10"x3/4" flop ear bunny, 8"x3/4" sitting bunny, 10"x3/4" sitting bunny, 12"x3/4" sitting bunny, 6"x1/2"bunny face, 8"x1/2" bunny face, 8"x3/4" bunny face, 10"x3/4" bunny face, 12"x3/4" bunny face, 3"x 1/2" baby rabbit, 4"x1/2" baby rabbit, 5"x1/2" baby rabbit, 6"x1/2" baby rabbit, 8"x3/4" Egg with legs, 12"x1/4" egg door hanger MDF, 12"x1/4" Egg door hanger birch, 14"x3/4" freestanding eggs